Life in Kingsford

Kingsford, quite simply, will be a great place to live.

Featuring an inherently ‘local’ character, Kingsford’s design will cleverly complement the undulating terrain, panoramic views, waterways and bushland of its surrounding landscape.

With open spaces, walkability and a pedestrian friendly design, it has been created as a destination in its own right. 

Activated streets and public spaces will offer ongoing interest and excitement, whilst an all-new District Centre will be provide a nucleus of activity for residents and visitors alike. With an uninterrupted network of pathways connecting neighbourhoods with outdoor experiences, residents of Kingsford will be able to enjoy their community all year round.


When you make your home in Kingsford, you’re just minutes from all you need.  The retained Ki It Monger Brook which meanders throughout the estate, with its towering gums, shading the natural walking trail that provides a haven of calm in a busy world.

The new playground offering space in for the kids to run around, a meeting place for families and friends, and a great place to get together for community events.  Plus shops, community and sporting groups , local school are also within walking distance.

Kingsford at Bullsbrook is the perfect place for first time buyers looking for a new land estate in Perth, growing families and anyone who loves the idea of being part of a thriving community surrounded by the natural beauty, yet still want the conveniences of everyday life on your doorstep. 

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Ideally Located 

Located in one of the most promising growth corridors in Perth in the established township of Bullsbrook.  

An address of over 2,500 lots and augmenting existing amenities with brand new community assets, Kingsford is set to raise the appeal of Bullsbrook, with the area expected to accommodate significant growth over the coming two decades.

The estimated resident population of Bullsbrook is expected to increase from 5,200 in 2016 to 20,500 by 2036. 

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Celebrating Bullbrook’s past. 

Bulls Brook was a name given to the watercourse by settlers. It was named in honour of Lieutenant Henry Bull who took up land in the area in 1831. Early settlers cleared land for farming and sold wood for timber milling.

One early pioneer was Edward Warren. He was a convict who was transported to Western Australia in 1845. He originally worked for the Governor of WA (Andrew Clarke) and received property in Bullsbrook as a wedding present when he married Ellen Dewar. They had 13 children.

Another large pioneering family were the Taylors, who originally owned the farmland on which Kingsford stands today. George Taylor settled in Bullsbrook after serving in India with the British Army for almost 20 years. George, his wife Susannah, and their four children started their farm in 1877.Bullsbrook had a railway siding on the Midland line where these early pioneers transported their produce. The district continued to grow as agriculture grew.

Around 1935, the military started using the area and established an airbase in 1939. It was decided to name the area after Charles Kingsford-Smith in 1935, and it was officially gazetted as Kingsford in 1936.  In 1939, the name was changed back to Bullsbrook to avoid confusion with the Kingsford town in NSW, which also has an airbase. Pearce Airbase is named after a West Australian politician, Sir George Pearce.

Today, Bullsbrook is part of the Perth metropolitan area, linked by major roads and public transport. The district currently boasts a thriving population of over 5,100 people. And the name Kingsford has returned for the next chapter of the town’s history, as the community gets set to grow.

You can find out more about our local history at the Bullsbrook Museum. 


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