Town Centre

The Town Centre will become the region’s vibrant heart


A social hub

The social hub of any community is traditionally its town square. The Kingsford Town Centre hopes to create a place to bring the entire Bullsbrook community together. A place to connect with friends and family; a place to explore and discovery, a place with a relaxed local charm. Whilst still being a place of modern convenience.


An urban village

The carefully planned urban village will have a balance of active community spaces, a contemporary mix of shops, including a major supermarket, specialty stores, café, medical services, plus high-end sports and community recreation facilities; all tied together with a relaxed neighbourhood charm.

The Kingsford Town Centre is planned to commence within the first 5 years. With new connections to the estate via Tonkin Highway and our new $1.4M community park now open, Bullsbrook is blossoming