Buying Process

We’ll make building at Kingsford as easy as possible


Whether you’re planning on buying land in Bullsbrook for your first home or you’ve built before, we’ve prepared a few tips to help make the whole process run as smoothly as possible.

Browse through the list for hints and what to expect from an exceptional new land estate north of Perth

Buying process


  • Speak to a lender early to see what you can afford
  • Research home sizes (how many bedrooms will you need?)
  • Know what block size accommodates your ideal home

Choose your homesite

  • Contact our Land Sales Consultant
  • Check you have your deposit and pre-approval
  • Sign an offer and acceptance (this can also be done via Docusign eletronically )
  • Appoint a settlement agent

Getting finance

  • Check you have all you need for your loan application
  • Once you have submitted your formal application, the bank will process your application and advise a formal unconditional approval if you meet their requirements
  • Loan documents will be given to you to sign, and a copy is sent to your settlement agent


  • Your settlement agent will arrange for the land to be transferred into your name
  • Stamp Duty must be paid prior to settlement taking place. 
  • If you are a First Homebuyer, you usually won’t be required to pay stamp duty, depending on the purchase amount. Find out more here
  • Your settlement agent, conveyancer or lawyer, will arrange the documents to transfer funds to the seller 
  • The land will then be transferred into your name. Congratulations!

Building approvals

Once you have your building plans finalised, your builder will be required to send your house design for approval from Okeland Communities prior to obtaining City of Swan approval.

Construction of your home

When you have all the approvals in place, your builder will commence construction. You will be required to make progress payments, as stipulated by your builder, which will come out of your mortgage. Your dream is starting to take shape!

Moving in

As your home nears completion, there are a few things you will need to arrange before you get the keys, celebrate, and move in. Click here to see the list of ‘moving in must-dos’