Bullsbrook golf course on par with the best

Bullsbrook golf course on par with the best
19 June 2020

Did you know that in addition to the great valued land for sale in Bullsbrook Kingsford has, the suburb has its own picturesque 18-hole golf course surrounded by natural bush, towering Eucalyptus Trees, and magnificent Grass Trees? 

Even more surprising is the fact that this hidden gem was created by a group of 10 golf-loving locals who used to meet regularly at the Chequers Hotel back in the mid-50s.

One afternoon over a cold beer, they decided to form a golf club. With nothing more than a few tractors and a whole lot of grit and determination, they set about turning a nearby plot of land into a nine-hole sand greens course.

It opened in 1962 and was christened Chequers Golf Club in honour of the founders' much-loved pub.

Golf was such a hit with the Bullsbrook community that a few years later, club members approached the City of Swan to lease a bigger parcel of land.

In 1966 Chequers Golf Club opened in its current location (just off Sounness Drive), offering a clubhouse and 18 holes of golfing glory. 

The Club didn’t get its first set of grass holes until 1975, and the greens are a unique type of slightly raised saltine grass instead of the traditional Bentgrass.

Irrigation was only installed a few years ago thanks to City of Swan funding.

While you won’t find any of Chequers’ foundation members playing the course anymore, their legacy lives on according to Club Manager and Caretaker, Brian Milburn.

“Their visionary design resulted in a challenging course layout with long, short, and a variation of dog-leg holes to keep players on their toes,” he said.

“You start playing golf and think you’re the only one on the course. It’s a peaceful place to play.”

Chequers is a privately-owned golf club, but in keeping with the strong community ethos that drove its creation, the course is open to the public.

For information on fees and opening times, visit www.chequersgolf.com or call  9571 1277.