Bullsbrook Is Luvabull

Bullsbrook Is Luvabull
17 November 2021

From giant poppies, dragonflies, bees and butterflies, to the life-size Luvabull who stands proud at the entrance to Kingsford - a new land estate in Perth, Dana’s artworks have been making locals smile for years.

Part of the iconic Bullsbrook Bull Trail, Luvabull is a prime example. Proudly displaying a bold red heart, this quirky bovine is a skilfully assembled collection of old car parts, workshop tools and farm machinery.

Like all Dana’s work, Luvabull gives new life to metal objects that would otherwise be destined for the scrapheap. He’s Dana’s biggest project yet and took months to create.

“Making a bull for Bullsbrook had always been a dream of mine so it’s so nice that Luvabull is now on display at Kingsford for everyone to enjoy,” Dana says.

Look closely and you may spot that Luvabull’s horns are pick-ends, his ears scarifier points, his tail a drill bit and his backside the head of an old shovel.

“Many of my pieces have a sense of humour and character. I like adding that quirkiness; it is about making people smile,” Dana says.

“I love taking my work to local fairs and people telling me they can see what’s been used; that it has a story.”

The creative force behind Darnsie’s Dinkum Designs, Dana is a self-taught artist who first “dibble-dabbled” in welding 20 years ago after being made redundant.

Moving from Narembeen to acreage in Bullsbrook in 2006 was an opportunity to explore her growing interest in sculpture.

Transforming bits of farm machinery collected from the junk piles on friends’ farms, Dana’s creations were soon in demand. 

“I literally fell into sculpture by chance,” she says. “I’m a very visual person; hopeless at drawing, but I see what an old bit of farm machinery or old car part could become,” she says.

Locals often provide inspiration for new projects, dropping off unwanted tools from shed clear-outs, along with old horseshoes and used car parts.

The community in and around Bullsbrook have also jumped at the chance to help the artist raise money for two great causes. A large number of Dana’s giant poppies have been purchased by people living near and far, with part proceeds going to St John Ambulance and the RSL.