Helping Bullsbrook flourish

Helping Bullsbrook flourish
09 March 2022

From cockatoos and bushland seedlings, to young people, progress and public open spaces, Anne Janes is helping both the Bullsbrook landscape and its community flourish.

As a long-time member of Bullsbrook Landcare the retired science laboratory technician is helping us restore our beautiful Ki-It Monger Brook and lending her expertise to our family-friendly community planting sessions. The eco-champion has also been sharing ways to preserve the precious Carnaby’s and Red-Tailed Forest Black Cockatoos.

But it’s not just Anne’s commitment to Bullsbrook’s wonderful natural environment that drives her to volunteer so much of her time.

She says retiring from her job at Bullsbrook College was an opportunity to extend her community commitments even further.

Anne, who moved to Bullsbrook in 1992 with husband Richard and their two sons, has become an enthusiastic supporter of the Bullseye Youth Committee, winner of this year’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Award.

As newly appointed president of the Bullsbrook Residents and Ratepayers Association (BRRA), Anne also wants to ensure the community continues to have a say in local issues.

We put some questions to Anne to find out a bit more about this busy local guardian.

If there was one thing I could ask people to do to look after their planet it would be to take the time to care; really care.

As a long-time supporter of the Bullseye Youth Group I’m reminded that our local young people are well educated, pretty confident and willing to voice their opinions. I hope they can learn from the mistakes of the past and do a better job caring for the planet. The Bullseye youth are experiencing what it means to be a part of – and participate in – a community. Not all young people get that opportunity. We need to support and mentor our youngsters; they are the future.

A strong thriving community is somewhere where people care for one another and care for where they live. Engaged, diverse, inclusive of all ages, cultures and accepting of differences. Maybe that’s an ideal world but it is achievable!

Bullsbrook’s best kept secret is its beautiful bushland. The wildflowers in springtime are amazing. Get out of your car and walk to fully appreciate them.

My advice for young women and girls today is don’t underestimate your capabilities. Challenge yourself. And remember you don’t have to conform. I do worry for young women as I think there’s a lot of pressure to conform to the ‘look’ of today, promoted via social media and advertising. Trust your instincts. Life is a journey and you should have fun along the way.