Reason #1 to live in Kingsford - Growth

Reason #1 to live in Kingsford - Growth
29 June 2021

By the year 2036, Bullsbrook’s current population of around 6,600 is forecast to have risen to around 23,725.

Compare that to just 1,255 residents in 2011 and it’s clear Bullsbrook is fast becoming a sought-after address.

But why is population growth important if you’re weighing up where to live?

Growing communities create opportunities. Opportuntities for business investment, local jobs and increasing property values as well as rental demand.

According to REIWA, the median property value for Bullsbrook jumped 14.5% over the 12 months to the end of March 2021, compared to 5.1% for the Perth metro area.

Those looking to rent are also more attracted to areas with high ‘liveability’. In other words, they’re drawn to popular suburbs with a sense of energy and connection, with busy local shops, clubs and facilities.

Initiatives in the area will create new employment opportunities and contribute to sustainable growth. New projects near Kingsford, such as the 200ha Northern Gateway and the South Bullsbrook industrial precinct, have the potential to generate 25,000 local jobs. There will also be employment opportunities in the new Kingsford town centre.

It’s all good news for people looking for a blossoming area in which to settle.

But perhaps even more importantly, developing neighbourhoods typically foster a lively sense of community as they grow and evolve.

As more people move into the area, there’s increasing support for local businesses and services, as well as recreational and leisure facilities, and local clubs and sporting groups.

While our list of Top 10 Reasons to Live at Kingsford is in no particular order, the fact Kingsford is a diverse, growing community seems a great fit at #1 on the list. Perth land for sale from only $151,000.