Reason #10 from our family to yours

Reason #10 from our family to yours
29 June 2021

Strong family values are at the heart of everything we do at Okeland Communities.


Because a strong sense of tradition and family values helps us develop new residential estates we would be proud for our own families to live in.

We’ve even named our business after our great-grandmother, Beatrice Oke, who would treat each person in her community like family. Her strong sense of family values and community spirit has been passed on, through the generations.

As a family-owned property development company, we appreciate new estates are about so much more than just building houses.

It’s why you’ll find bigger than average blocks at Kingsford. We know many families want big backyards where the kids can enjoy outdoor play, exercising both their bodies and their imaginations.

It’s why you can enjoy strolling along the Ki-it Monger Brook. No longer part of a fenced property used for grazing livestock, this picturesque natural asset, with the help of Bullsbrook Landcare, has been returned to the local community for everyone to enjoy.

Family values are also why Kingsford has been designed to promote healthy lifestyles. Take the network of cycleways and walkways that encourage residents to leave the car at home, or the backyards big enough for a sizeable veggie patch.

There’s every chance you’ll bump into the neighbours for a chat at Kingsford’s new town centre and get to know the owners of the new shops and café.

It’s fair to say we had looked at a lot of land before the Kingsford site caught our attention. We knew immediately we could do something special with this special corner of the world.

We want to leave a legacy both your family and our family can be proud of.

Traditional family values are at #10 on our list of Top 10 Reasons to Live at Kingsford.