Reason #2: It pays to get in early

Reason #2: It pays to get in early
29 June 2021

Reason #2: It pays to get in early

You could say buying into the early stages of a new development is a leap of faith, but early-bird buyers see nothing but potential.

It’s one of our top 10 reasons for deciding to make Kingsford your home.

There’s the potential for the strong capital growth in property values that people typically expect as planned amenities are built, such as the Kingsford town centre, Stock Road connection to Tonkin Highway, a new Primary School in Bullsbrook and district sporting feilds.

Buying early into a contemporary new estate such as Kingsford means you’ll likely reap the rewards with a jump in the value of your property with all the new facilities and growth.

And then there’s the potential to grow strong connections and friendships, knowing your neighbours are all in the same boat. Like you, they’re getting to know one another and discovering the local area.

There’s also the potential to grow the strong support networks that often evolve in thriving new communities.

And let’s not forget that buying into those early stages of a development gives you the potential to enjoy the lifestyle you’re after sooner, not later.

The chance to be an early bird is #2 on our list of Top 10 Reasons to Live at Kingsford.