Reason #3: More block for your buck

Reason #3: More block for your buck
29 June 2021

Blocks at Kingsford are 500sqm on average, compared to 375sqm in most other developments. That’s a staggering 125sqm bigger than in most new developments. Almost 33% bigger!

Prices are competitive too, giving you more backyard for your buck.

Kingsford’s competitive pricing means you could be saving between $23,000 and $72,000 on a block of a comparable size elsewhere.

With many of us relishing the chance to spend more time at home, a big block gives us plenty of extra space to stretch out in. There’s more room for the kids to run around in. More room for a fabulous outdoor entertaining area. More room for a family-sized swimming pool. More room for the kids swings & slide and room for our beloved pets.

Big blocks appeal to buyers not only itching for more space, but also seeking the chance to live surrounded by nature. They can plan their ideal escape from the city, especially if they’ve been rethinking their priorities over the past year or so.

A bigger block is an opportunity to get away from residential estates with small blocks and cookie-cutter houses. To enjoy a country-inspired lifestyle, perhaps with a veggie patch, chickens and that big backyard full of kids and dogs.

There’s no need to skimp on space when it comes to the design of your new house either.

Big enough for all the family, with space to spare. You could even add a granny flat as a hangout for the kids, as a guest house or even a granny flat.

Kingsford offers the potential for a comfortable lifestyle, surrounded by the natural beauty in Bullsbrook.

Blocks have generous frontages, opening up a wide choice of housing designs. Even that delightful rural homestead design you have your eye on is a possibility.

Want to go bigger still? You’ll find 1000sqm blocks on offer at Kingsford, a rarity these days in new estates in Perth’s north-east corridor.

Not wanting something too big?

Kingsford also offers easycare blocks from 300sqm, giving you the chance to buy into the lifestyle, but with a smaller footprint.

With spacious affordable blocks, no wonder Kingsford is blossoming! Perth land for sale from only $151,000.