Reason #6: New town centre

Reason #6: New town centre
29 June 2021

Urban villages have taken off in recent years. A place to meet, to have coffee, to catch up with friends over lunch, to shop for a gift or the weekly groceries, urban villages bring the entire community together.

Kingsford will have it’s own thriving urban village, or town centre, modelled on the traditional town square.

The design will encourage connection and socialising, with specialty shops to browse in, a supermarket for the weekly shop and a café for refreshments and conversation.

But that’s not all.

Medical services and high-end sports and community recreation facilities will also be located within this blossoming local centre.

Becoming a new social hub for the local area, Kingsford’s town centre will create jobs and investment opportunities.

Also on the cards at Kingsford is a new school to complement existing primary and secondary schools in the Bullsbrook area, as well as new district level playing fields.

The vision for a thriving urban village is #6 on our list of Top 10 Reasons to Live at Kingsford.