Replanting the Ki-It Monger Brook

Replanting the Ki-It Monger Brook
20 July 2020

Okeland Communities has partnered with passionate environmental group, Bullsbrook Landcare, to revegetate the picturesque Ki-It Monger Brook that runs through Kingsford at Bullsbrook.

The works will enhance the stunning natural asset as it enters a new era as a beautiful green space for the entire community.

Kingsford itself is designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surrounds, doing justice to the beauty of the Darling Scarp foothills by preserving as much native vegetation as possible.

The restoration and enhancement of the tree-lined creek within the Ki-It Monger Brook is a prime example of this vision.

Adam Shephard, Managing Director of Okeland Communities, shared his excitement for the project.

“I am so pleased Kingsford is creating a legacy for the Bullsbrook community by preserving the brook,” he said.

“Creating a new green space filled with shady areas for walking and picnics opens up this precious asset to everyone,” he said.

The project commenced this month with the introduction of native flora to the brook. It will continue through the ongoing maintenance of the existing mature trees.

More than 20 volunteers planted 700 individual Australian native plants ranging from larger Eucalyptus trees to smaller Myrtle shrub varieties spanning the banks and creek beds.

“It’s fantastic that this project will open up the brook to the public, especially now that the Kingsford development is underway,” said Bullsbrook Landcare Chairperson, Richard Janes.

“It will add value to the local community through the creation of a beautiful natural environment full of native plants,” said Bullsbrook Landcare Secretary, Anne Janes.

“It will be so rewarding to see the area improved by introducing a diverse range of plants since the land was used for grazing cattle for many years.”

"It's always exciting when you see native birds and wildlife come back to the area, and hopefully, we can give many critically endangered birds a home around Kingsford Estate,” said Anne.

Bullsbrook Landcare (The North Swan Land Conservation District Committee) welcomes people of all ages to help with future projects. For more information on becoming a member, please contact Anne Janes on