Strawberries, sausages ripe for the picking

Strawberries, sausages ripe for the picking
26 November 2020

A taste of spring from local producers

Spring is the perfect time to dust off the barbecue and invite a few friends over. Need some menu inspiration? Why not drop into Bully Butcher in Bullsbrook for some gourmet sausages, followed by a quick visit to Berry Sweet for some fresh-picked berries and dessert ideas?

Bully Butcher has been the go-to meat merchant for many Bullsbrook residents for almost 50 years. Originally Bullsbrook Meat and Gourmet, the business has recently been rebranded by owner Nathan Robb.

“The local community knew us as Bully Butcher, so we decided to make the nickname official,” says Nathan, a second-generation butcher who bought the business six years ago at the age of 24.

Today, Bully Butcher has just opened a second shop in Kingsley and has more than 12,000 followers on Instagram, all eager for foodie inspiration in the form of mouth-watering full blood Wagyu biltong, dry-aged ribeye, WA spring lamb racks and Bully Butcher’s signature cheddar and jalapeno beer sticks.

And then there’s those hand-linked sausages, from traditional barbecue, breakfast, Italian and Irish Pork sausages, to beef cheese and Vegemite, chilli cheese, and pork and strawberry to name but a few of the 70 different flavours available.

“I love the creative side of the business, coming up with different flavours and buying the best quality meat from local farms,” says Nathan, who grew up in Upper Swan and now lives in Brigadoon.

“We’re only a tiny shop in the Brooke Shopping Centre – you’d miss us if you didn’t know we were there – but we make everything fresh on the premises.”

Bully Butcher also stocks a range of rubs, sauces, honey, eggs and spices from local small producers. 

“We’re very much a traditional butcher and love being part of the Bullsbrook community,” Nathan says.

What better way to round off a spring barbecue feast than with a dessert made from fresh berries straight from the local farm shop?

A family-run business started in Bullsbrook in the 1990s, Berry Sweet grows strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, supplying Australian supermarkets and the world’s largest berry brands.

Simply drop into the farm shop on Davidson Street to buy fresh-picked, sustainably grown WA berries, all packed with health-promoting nutrients.

The Berry Sweet farm shop also has frozen supplies of its fresh berries, plus homemade jams, toppings and candles.

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