Take 5 with Jamie

Take 5 with Jamie
01 September 2021

As Kingsford's Community Host, it's Jamie's job to meet new residents, introduce them to their neigbours, and give them the inside scoop on living at the foot of the beautiful Darling Scarp.

It’s a dream job for this passionate local who believes it’s the sense of togetherness that sets the Bullsbrook community apart.

I joined the Kingsford team because I want to play a part in helping the community genuinely blossom. The chance to shape the place my children will grow up in is something I couldn’t pass up.

A great sense of community is made by connecting with others – not just with your neighbours. There's a real sense of belonging. Living through a pandemic, when we can all feel the effects of isolation, the need for a strong community is greater than ever.

The thing I love the most about Kingsford is that it builds on the existing character of Bullsbrook. It’s unique for a developer to work around the current community identity, genuinely embracing it and enhancing it.

The best thing about living in the hills is having so much space. I can let my kids run around and play outside without having to worry about them being too loud for the neighbours. It also means between my husband and I, our three kids, my brother, mum, and dad, we still have plenty of room – even though we’re all living together in the same house.

When I am not working, you'll find me spending time with my children, studying for my Master’s degree in Business Administration, or volunteering. I’m currently Treasurer of the Bullsbrook Toy Library and recently took part in the Bullsbrook Landcare Group’s community planting day, so life is always busy.