The new changemakers

The new changemakers
21 March 2022

Bec Naisbitt has been working with young people in Bullsbrook for 15 years, so she knows first-hand the energy and passion they can bring to their community.

A driving force behind the Bullseye Youth Centre, which opened in 2017, this experienced City of Swan youth worker has helped organise everything from skate events, music concerts and barista training, to sexual health peer educators, first-aid training and workshops on self-esteem.

As the coordinator of the Bullseye Youth Centre, Bec helps ensure young people aged 12 - 18 have a safe space in which to chat with youth workers, socialise and take part in programs that help develop a variety of skills.

In 2018, Bec initiated the Bullseye Youth Committee, a local youth leadership group that actively participates in the local community. Bec supports and guides these young innovators and leaders as they build their skills, confidence and capacity to soar ever higher.  

Bec, who has also worked in youth outreach and case management roles, loves seeing locals she knew as young adults when she first arrived in Bullsbrook all those years ago, especially as many now have their own families.   

We asked Bec to share some of her insights into our next generation of changemakers

  1. Local young people are already having such an impact on their communities. The Bullseye Youth Committee is a perfect example, but they’re certainly not the only ones volunteering, showing civic participation and speaking out on issues. There are so many examples of young Bullsbrook individuals keen to contribute to their community. As adults we just need to provide the opportunities and the support for them to flourish. A particular strength for this current generation of young people is their awareness of social issues and the need for acceptance, justice and helping others. Maybe technology, with easy access to information and other education programs, has assisted in this, but it’s young people’s empathetic nature and desire for civic responsibility that makes them shine.
  2. What I enjoy the most about working with local young people is the diversity and being able to problem solve and adapt quickly. I love young people’s energy, their fresh take on the world and their passion. As much as I hope I have helped guide and support their development into adulthood, I am so often learning and being inspired by them. Bullsbrook is a very proactive community and so supportive of young people. When you have been in youth work for as long as I have, you get to see first-hand the benefits the programs and initiatives bring. 
  3. In my spare time I love travelling and exploring places, chilling out in front of the telly with my husband or hitting the gym. When I get chance, I also like to paint or get crafty.
  4. My female role model growing up was my nan. She was always such a stoic woman who had to face so many challenges both societally and personally and yet she never held onto those things as a burden or let them hold her back. She always stayed true to herself and was the rock for her family. 
  5. My advice for young women and girls today is dream big and don’t let someone tell you can’t achieve it. Gender norms and societal expectations of who you should be, those should be a thing of the past. Be brave and fight for your dream. Love yourself and stay true to who you are.