Two trailblazers and a birthday

Two trailblazers and a birthday
17 February 2021

Not only is RAAF Base Pearce a close and valued neighbour, but Kingsford takes its name from one of the country’s aviation trailblazers, Sir Charles ‘Smithy’ Kingsford Smith.

Inspired by this bold, intrepid pilot, we like to think of Kingsford as poised for take-off, ready to reach new heights and push the boundaries. To go that bit further in everything we do.

So much has changed since 1929, when Kingsford Smith flew from Australia to England in a record-breaking 12 days and 18 hours.

The following year, he completed an east-west crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 31 hours, followed by a record-breaking solo flight from England to Darwin in 10 days.

Awarded the Air Force Cross and appointed an honorary rank in the Air Force, Kingsford Smith was knighted for services to aviation in 1932, But he didn’t stop pushing the boundaries, making the first west-east trans-Pacific flight in 1934.

It’s not surprisingly Kingsford Smith is known as one of the world’s boldest and most intrepid pilots. Pioneering the routes that were later to become the first trans-Australian, trans-Tasman and trans-Pacific flights, he helped usher commercial aviation into Australia.

So it’s with enormous pride that we celebrate not only Smithy’s legacy, but also the fact that the RAAF – a world-class Air Force – is preparing to mark its 100th year in 2021.

So much a part of Bullsbrook’s rich history, the RAAF was originally formed on 31 March 1921 as the Australian Air Force. The King gave his approval for the word Royal to be added a few months later. By early 1922, around 240 officers and airmen had completed three months of training.

RAAF Base Pearce was established in 1938 and has been an integral part of the Bullsbrook community ever since.

Kingsford at Bullsbrook celebrates a local history rich in aviation achievements, while heralding in a fresh beginning for the area’s rapidly growing, close-knit community.