Why I Love Bullsbrook - Christine Falconer

Why I Love Bullsbrook - Christine Falconer
10 November 2021

Christine breeds pygmy goats, which are known for being particularly springy and playful.

“The kids are born bouncing,” says Christine. “They’re lively and literally bounce and play.”

Pygmy goats have been making the transition from livestock to pocket-sized pets in recent years, with huge demand from people living on small acreage properties.

“Pygmies can become very tame, walk on a lead, and are social and entertaining,” Christine says.

Christine started breeding miniature goats as a way of keeping the grass down on the Falconers’ six-acre property, establishing Plumbago Miniature Goat Stud in 2002.

In 2013, she decided to go smaller still, turning her attention from miniatures to pygmies. Today, Christine is Vice-President and Registrar of the National Pygmy Goat Association of Australia, which she co-founded in 2019.

When she’s not busy with kids of the four-legged variety, Christine is busy with kids at school as an education assistant at Bullsbrook College, where’s she’s worked for the past 32 years.

“To this day I love my occupation and hold the school in the highest regard,” she says.

Christine and her husband Steve bought their block in Bullsbrook in 1983 as owner-builders.

“Community spirit was strong and it was wonderful helping each other and mixing socially with old and new families in the area,” she says.

“Our daughters had ponies, as did the neighbour’s children, and over the years we’ve also had horses, sheep, cows, pigs and even emus on our property, including an emu orphan we called Aussie.”

Aussie wore a red collar and was relatively tame, but the day he escaped has become part of Falconer family history.

“We’d had a call to say Aussie had been spotted. He wasn’t happy to see me and wasn’t wearing his collar. I managed to catch him but had to let him go when it all became too hard.

“We returned home and got another phone call. Aussie was at a different property, this time with his collar on – so not the wild fellow I’d wrestled with earlier!”

Christine says she loves the Bullsbrook community and the lifestyle of country living. She’s looking forward to seeing the area grow and develop in the coming years. 

“The development of Kingsford will not only bring a welcome new shopping centre, but also the estate is being developed in keeping with the natural vegetation and trees, and it includes bigger blocks for building on,” she says.

“For our family, Bullsbrook has been a great place to live for 36 years and it will continue to be a great place to live.”