Town Centre

The Town Centre will become the region’s vibrant heart


Woolworths is coming to Kingsford 

We are excited to announce that Woolworths are the new Supermarket for the new Town Centre. 

The proposed Kingsford Town Centre will be defined by its relaxed country feel, creating a lively and friendly village vibe inspired by the past but built for the future, with strong foundations and pride, it is an authentic urban hub that values its community.


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A social hub

The social hub of any community is traditionally its town square. The Kingsford Town Centre hopes to create a place to bring the entire Bullsbrook community together. A place to connect with friends and family; a place to explore and discovery, a place with a relaxed local charm. Whilst still being a place of modern convenience.

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An urban village

The carefully planned urban village will have a balance of active community spaces, a contemporary mix of shops, including a major supermarket, specialty stores, café, medical services, plus high-end sports and community recreation facilities; all tied together with a relaxed neighbourhood charm.

The Kingsford Town Centre is planned to commence within the first 5 years. With new connections to the estate via Tonkin Highway and our new $1.4M community park now open, Kingsford is a vibrant new land estate in Perth