Dining out, Valley-style

Dining out, Valley-style
19 May 2020

Dining out, Valley-style

While the Swan Valley is famous for its amazing winery restaurants, casual brewery cafes and gourmet eateries, there’s another dining experience that’s perfect during this time of social distancing.

Its abundance of riverside parks, sprawling reserves and secluded bush hiking trails offer some pretty incredible spots to lay down a rug and enjoy an outdoor feast. When looking for land for sale in Perth, social life and socialising are strong considerations and here we have compiled a recommended list to help guide you.

But you don’t need to pour over a map to find the perfect location because the Swan Valley Visitor Centre has done all the hard work for you. Just head to www.swanvalley.com.au and click on parks and picnics.

In the meantime, here’s an extract from their fabulous online guide to what to see and do in the Swan Valley.

Lilac Hill Park - West Swan Road, Caversham - A stunning riverside pocket perfect for family picnics. Lilac Hill is located on the north side of Barkers Bridge, heading out from Guildford on West Swan Road.

Stirling Square - Meadow Street, Guildford - A recently refurbished picturesque park that is one point of interest on a self-guided walk through historic Guildford. St Matthew’s Church and other cultural attractions.

Kings Meadow Reserve - Hill Street, Guildford - Pretty-as-a-picture, with great facilities for family picnics.

Fishmarket Reserve - Swan Street, Guildford - A ripper riverside spot to have a barbecue or just take in the tranquil surrounds.

Reg Bond Reserve - Bernley Drive, Viveash - Tucked away on a bend in the Swan River, is perfect for a secluded day out with the family. Links with Woodbridge Riverside Park via the John George walk trail.

Whiteman Park -  A popular recreation and conservation reserve that is a whopping 10 times larger than Kings Park. Explore the glorious Banksia bushland where you may catch a glimpse of grey kangaroos or black gloved wallabies. 

Woodbridge Riverside Park - First Avenue, Woodbridge - The riverside area has been a favourite spot with locals for many years. Links with Reg Bond Reserve via the John George walk trail.

Bells Rapids - Cathedral Avenue, Brigadoon - White water rapids make this an exciting viewing spot during the Avon Descent