Women Championing Bullsbrook

Women Championing Bullsbrook
08 March 2022

Youth champion Rachelle kicks off our International Women’s Day series featuring women of all ages contributing to our Bullsbrook community.

Rachelle is an 18-year-old youth champion with a long list of community volunteer accolades.

Not only is Rachelle a leading light in the community, but she continues to show young people how they too can make a positive impact on their future.

Rachelle is best known for her involvement with the Bullseye Youth Committee and her commitment to ensuring Bullsbrook’s young people are heard.

From the annual Bullsbrook Community Christmas Event and Country Women’s Association Australia Day breakfast to the Youth Summit, Every Mind Matters and NowFest events, she is always one of the first to put their hand up to help bring the community together.

Now that we’ve got a glimpse of Rachelle’s busy life, it’s time to get to know her a little better.

The thing I enjoy the most about being involved in the Bullseye Youth Group is… being able to make a real difference for young people in our local community. It also strengthens my sense of belonging within the community and provides me with great networking opportunities.

In ten years’ time I see myself working in a community services sector that I am really passionate about while continuing to be involved in the local community as a volunteer.

When I’m not working or volunteering you will find me spending quality time with my family and friends, getting stuck into a really good book or being out in the garden.

My female role model growing up was my mum. We have always been really close and I am inspired by how strong and determined she is to push through whatever challenges life throws at her.

My advice to young women today is to not dwell on the past and instead learn from your mistakes and experiences. Also never be afraid to go after the things you really want in life.